The Little Hedgehog — as at me appeared a little hedgehog

Little Hedgehog

Now I live in the private house, in Belgorod. It appeared that there are a lot of hedgehogs. They appear everywhere in the evening: both on the street, and on a kitchen garden, and in the yard. One of them was found by the Phoenix (more true, the little hedgehog itself to it came). And the Phoenix probably being played, I pressed down him.

In the morning I saw near the box a small ball with needles, all in dog wool.
I thought that I will release a hedgehog far away from the Phoenix.

I took a tiny prickly lump, accurately I cleared it of dog wool and I put in a front garden. But the little hedgehog couldn’t rise by pads. Having developed, he began to drink milk from a saucer, lying on one side. I helped it to rise and, having observed it, understood that now this kid won’t be able to survive itself, it is necessary to borrow it home. So little hedgehog remained temporarily with me.

I re-read a lot of information about hedgehogs and I understood that at all they behave differently. But completely manual the little hedgehog won’t become. It is better to return, anyway, it to an environment (if, of course, the hedgehog is healthy).

The little hedgehog who appeared at my place, obviously needed the help therefore I decided to leave him for a while. I examined, whether there are no pincers, and caged where he also lived some time.

When took out a cage on the street, a hedgehog, having felt freedom smell, it was torn to will, trying to gnaw through cage rods tiny teeth.

It was a pity to me the kid, and I decided that I will surely let out him when time because it was sure comes that outdoors it will be better for it. And I, meanwhile, let out it a little to take a walk in a grass. The little hedgehog gradually got used to me. It was possible even to stroke his soft fluffy tummy. But at any extraneous noise it sniffed threateningly and was turned.

The most part of time the hedgehog slept. Having woken up, I started fussing, and I tried to feed him to satiety. Then, having made the affairs, he was dug in in a grass or a rag and again fell asleep.

After a while the hedgehog already stepped on pads, but in a grass moved hardly, leaning about the earth a muzzle. Besides, as I learned from a forum about hedgehogs, mother wouldn’t host it any more, and independently it would be very difficult to survive in the nature to the kid. I solved: will grow up — and I will release him from prison.

Doubts were confirmed on walk: at all pleasure of stay the outdoors, little hedgehog quite often stumbled and fell. I hoped, it is temporary, and the kid, after all, will be able to live at liberty.

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