Russian touching stories to read. Call to darling.

Russian stories to readPhone call. 2 o’clock in the morning.
-Hi. I love you.
— Hello (smiles).
— How you there without me? Sorry, that so late…
— Yes, anything. Leshka, I so missed when you already will arrive?
— The sun, remained absolutely slightly, any a couple of hours and I houses. Let’s talk, and that I at a wheel 10 hours, I am tired, forces aren’t present, and so your voice invigorates me and gives forces.
— Certainly, let’s talk. Give tell me, than your business trip ended? Changed to me, probably (smiles)?
— Lyubanya as you can joke so, I so love you that at all I don’t look at anybody. And on work I managed to make very much much. It is sure that after all this to me, at least, will raise wages. Here. And how you feel? Our kid is pushed?

— It is pushed… it is a little told, I don’t understand that I to it made. And, you know, usually, when I hear your voice it — tranquillity, and now something on the contrary I dispersed. And why you decided to go at night? Would have a rest and went, and that… Here is how you left, tell.
— Well, as, as: after the last negotiations I got into the car, I stopped by at hotel behind things and I moved towards the house. Somewhere in the second half of a way, hour one and a half back, you only don’t worry, I was disconnected, but literally on couple of seconds. Everything normally, thank God, but having felt again fatigue, I decided to call you not to fill up any more.
— And here is how I can not worry? Wait a moment, city calls. In such time who it could be? Wait a moment.
— Sotnikova Lyubov?
— Yes Who is it?
— Staff sergeant Klimov. Sorry, that so late, we found the car which has had an accident. According to documents, person who is inside, Sotnikov Alexey Valeryevich. This is your husband?
— Yes. But it can’t be, I just now talk to it on the cellular.
— Hallo, Lesh. Lyosha, answer! To me here say that you broke. Hallo!

In reply only slightly audible hissing of loudspeaker.

Read touching story — Call to darling.

— Hallo. Sorry, but I really just talked to it.
— Sorry, but it is impossible. Honey the expert noted that the death came about an one and a half hours ago. It is a pity to me. Sorry, it is necessary for us that you arrived on an identification.

As it is strongly necessary to love and want to come back home not to notice death…

Everyone on April 15 it with the son comes to him to a cemetery. Alyoshka — the exact copy of the father. And often speaks: «Hello, I love you» is there was a favourite expression of his father. He knows that his parents very much loved each other, he knows that his parents very much waited for its emergence, he very strongly loves them. And still, each time coming with mother to a cemetery, it approaches to a plate, embraces her as far as can and speaks: «Hello, the father» also starts telling as at him affairs as it constructed a lodge as drew a cat as scored the first goal as he loves of cubes and helps mother. Liouba constantly, looking at the son, smiles and tears run on a cheek… From a gray gravestone the young handsome guy, as smiles earlier. He always will be 23 years old. Thanks to the master who even gave expression of favourite eyes. From below she asked to make an inscription: «You left forever, but not my heart. . » Its cellular wasn’t found at the place of accident and she waits that sometime he will surely call her once again…

Here such touching story about immortal love.

Russian stories to read

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